Moving to managing our own personal budgets and services
in a mainstream market environment.

Welcome to the Áiseanna Tacaíochta Network

Áiseanna Tacaíochta (ÁT) is emerging as a leading organisation in the Independent Living movement in Ireland by facilitating a Direct Payments model to people with disabilities for the first time. Through Direct Payments, our members move from dependency on disability service providers to directing their own services, mainly Personal Assistance.

We provide leadership and support to empower people with disabilities to live with the independence, choice and freedom that they are entitled to. By giving people with disabilities more control and independence, we are moving towards a fairer, more inclusive and progressive future.

ÁT is an innovative and change making organisation. We are working to create structural and cultural change for people with disabilities and their families by changing how disability is funded and how services are delivered in Ireland – as well as how we think about people with disabilities.



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