Health Service Executive announces €20 million extra funding for disability services in National Service Plan 2015

The Health Service Executive (HSE) today published its National Service Plan for 2015, announcing €20 million extra funding for disability services  among its measures.

Other key announcements include:

  • €25 million allocated towards addressing delayed discharges
  • €25 million to fund free GP care for children under 6
  • €12 million going towards free GP care for those over 70, and
  • An additional €35 million for mental health services.

The HSE said that it expects to use the extra funding for disability services in providing additional day services for up to 1,400 young people set to leave school and rehabilitative training, with further progression of disability services for children and young people also being planned.  150 people will also transition from congregated settings to the community using this allocation.

The Service Plan also outlines new plans for patient quality and safety, the establishment of a new Accountability Framework, and its greater autonomy over staffing levels.

To read the key points of the HSE National Service Plan 2015 and to access the document itself, please click here.