Let’s keep the determination for equality going!

Equality means everything to us here at Áiseanna Tacaíochta (ÁT), and we feel hugely encouraged in witnessing the overwhelming support for equal rights in the marriage referendum over the weekend.

We would like to extend a massive congratulations to all those behind the Yes Equality campaign and to every person who supported it.  Not only has the campaign resulted in a ground-breaking decision which will make a tangible difference in so many people’s lives, but it has reignited a surging sense of community, solidarity, and active citizenship right across the country.

The spirit and the strength that we have seen from the Yes Equality side over the past few weeks has captured the hearts, the interest and the resolve of a whole new spectrum of people and led, in the most genuine way, to making history.  The whole country has been gripped in an important, often eye-opening debate about our rights, with voters flocking to the polling station – many even travelling specially for the occasion from overseas – to make their voices heard.

This is the kind of activism and determination that we would love to see for every issue in this country.  Every group in society should be recognised and treated equality – regardless of disability, gender, race, sexuality, religion or any other ground – and, for that to happen, all of society needs to come together and support that vision.

We work every day so that people with disabilities in Ireland can live with the independence and equality that they are entitled to, just like everyone else, and we absolutely believe that Irish society can incite the positive changes that it believes in to make that happen.

To everyone who voted YES: we hope that you will continue to stand up for the rights of your fellow citizens, and take a step forward with the disability community in Ireland as well.  Let’s keep the spirit going!  The time has come for people with disabilities to have their voices heard too, so, please, talk to us, get involved, and mark your place on another important journey for equality.

Want to find out more about what equality means for people with disabilities?

Join us at the First Assembly in the International Arena, Athlone on Saturday, 13th June 2015.  Click here to learn more and to register your free place, or use the ticket form below!


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