Image Text: Social distancing is keeping a 2m (6ft) space between you and other people. #socialdistancing


COVID 19 Guidelines and Resources



As it is unprecedented times we have created a list of  HSE Approved Resources and Guidelines to help keep yourself informed:

HSE Latest COVID -19  Updates 

HPSC COVID 19 Information

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


HSE online training video in respect of proper use of PPE.

HSE Video : Masks Use and Misuse in Infection, Prevention & Control

HSE: Cloth face coverings, medical masks and disposable gloves

HSE Guidance: Hand Hygiene 



        Image Text: Face Masks



Vulnerable Groups and Cocooning 

HSE Cocooning

COVID-19 Guidance for extremely medically vulnerable groups

HSE Learn About Cocooning 


     Image Text:  Cocooning



Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions For People With Disabilities and Their Families

HSE Video- Covid 19 Symptoms and What to do 





Image Text: We would like to say a big thank you to all our Leaders and ÁT staff during this difficult time. Thank you !