We’re supporting a “Yes” vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum

Tomorrow sees polling stations across the country open for the Marriage Referendum and the Age of Presidential Candidates Referendum.

We here at Áiseanna Tacaíochta (ÁT) are supporting a “Yes” vote in the referendum on marriage equality.

We believe that human rights and equality are for everyone, and that each of us is entitled to live with the same freedoms and opportunities as everyone else.  This, at every moment, should stand regardless of a person’s disability, race, gender, sexuality or any other ground.

We cannot call ourselves an equal society if any individual or group of people is being discriminated against or seeing their rights denied.  We feel that a “Yes” vote will help to make that society the reality for us all.

For more, independent information on the two referendums, please click here to visit the Referendum Commission’s website, where several accessible and easy-to-read guides to both ballots are available.

A useful guide to voting – covering where to vote, what identification you will need to bring with you, and how to correctly mark your ballot paper – is available in the following video.